Byrdhouse began as a D.I.Y. venue in Albany, New York where founder Rachel Freeman shared her passion for local music by booking dozens of independent bands and artists. Spanning three separate locations, The Byrdhouse was a welcoming environment in which a diverse crowd of music lovers could let loose and show support for their community. Since its inception, Byrdhouse shows have put a spotlight on numerous genres, amplifying marginalized voices to be heard by larger audiences. Though the Byrdhouse has ceased functioning as a venue, its original all-inclusive punk ethos remains intact through renewed booking efforts. Byrdhouse has now evolved into its next stage: an ever-growing conglomerate of creative collaborations moving from stage to stage and artist to artist. Byrdhouse’s most popular bookings include Weatherday, Vial and Weakened Friends for No Fun in Troy as well as Guerilla Toss, Mannequin Pussy and Screaming Females for WCDB Albany. On top of booking popular alternative bands, Byrdhouse is also responsible for managing tours and shows for local up-and-comers including Senior Living, Alliteration and Candy Ambulance. Together with the support of the Capital Region’s many amazing D.I.Y. communities, Byrdhouse has managed to book over 100 shows with no signs of stopping yet. We’ll see you at our next show.



Rachel Freeman, local concert addict, started Byrdhouse in 2018 with friends in the basement of a house in Albany, NY. Instantly falling in love with the D.I.Y. music scene, Rachel’s drive to book shows around the Capital Region grew. Rachel has booked and co-managed three Byrdhouse locations, set up major events for WCDB Albany (90.9FM) and booked successful shows at larger venues across the east coast. Rachel’s expertise even extends to managing and booking extensive tours for local artists. Rachel received a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from SUNY Albany, where she managed the college radio station and hosted a popular radio show. Today, Rachel works as a Field Archeologist and hopes to open a concert venue in Albany, all while still booking under and maintaining the Byrdhouse image.


Ella Kasper books Byrdhouse Records shows in Binghamton, NY while attending school in the area. Originally from Albany, she was given the opportunity by her good friend Rachel Freeman. Along with studying psychology, she is also a DJ on WHRW 90.5 fm, a graphic design artist, and performs with her bands Mall Goth and In Angel’s Care.


Eddie Smith assists Byrdhouse as their audio engineer with shows. Coming from Long Island, he got involved with Albany music at WCDB Albany 90.9 FM as a DJ, Production Director, and Chief Engineer. Here he met Rachel Freeman who gave him the opportunity to support the Albany music scene with Byrdhouse. With this role, he is a Social/Personality Psychology Ph.D. candidate at the University at Albany studying Music Psychology with Dr. Ronald Friedman. He also works as a freelance audio engineer in many different entertainment mediums.


Byrdhouse Apparel is available for your screen-printing needs with Adam Russell (old co-founder of Byrdhouse) and Demetra Agonis! DM @byrdhouseapparel on Instagram with inquiries.


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